Friday, June 14, 2013

Burl's First Catch

On this trip to the farm, Burl got to go fishing in the little pond.  He was so excited on the way up there, because he understood what it meant to go fishing.  Burl got his own fishing pole (red, of course), and he was satisfied to cast a line in the yard.  Once Pops set him down on the bench and got the hook in the water, Burl wasn't prepared for what would happen.  

Within a minute, they had a fish on the line and they pulled it in.  It was beyond exciting!  Two brim and one bass later, they were having themselves a big time!  The pictures are great and really show his excitement:

Fern and I just snuggled in the tractor and took selfies while they reeled in the little guys.  I took the picture below and it looks just like Burl when he was a baby.  It's unreal!

The next morning, back at our suburban homestead, Burl got to take his (unhooked) fishing pole to the front yard and do some casting.  He was just as excited to do this as he was to catch some fish.

He wanted me to give it a go so he could take a picture of me.  I was doing it all wrong, but Burl showed me how to push the button-release-swing thing, and I did it once successfully.  Here's my morning face (don't judge too harshly):

And, because I have an iPhone, I can shoot videos now.  Here's a short little video of Burl practicing at the farm.  Make sure the sound is on, as the noises are too perfect:

The whole thing was a success and the fishing pole is always close by.

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