Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day 2013

We love us a good celebration 'round here-the coffee tastes smoother, waking up is more exciting, meals become epic gatherings, and we just have a more cheerful glow.  We're cheesing all day long.  For Father's Day,  all John wanted was for it to be a relaxing day. While we did small things throughout the day simply in the name of honoring John (choose the radio station, get pizza for lunch, I do a few of his chores, etc.), our big event was the picnic.  

Somehow, the camera made this picture extra bright.  Hmm...

Burl was constantly trying to understand Father's Day.  How long did it last?  Will friends come over?  Why do we have Father's Day?  While he understood about half of it, he fully got the picnic.  

We tried a new section of the River Park that we had never been to before.  We're not into trying new things all that often because we're set in our exact-expectations ways, but this one paid off.  What was our sign?  Bunnies.  We played with a couple of bunnies that came out of the "woods" long enough for the kids to laugh and chase them.  

John said it was the perfect setting for his type of picnic-secluded and overcast.  

Our picnic was special foods: pimento cheese sandwiches, kettle chips, berries, and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.  The kids were in heaven.  

Fun food + outside + picnic blanket = the picture below:

At one point the kids took a break from eating and just laid back.  We took that as a sign that they liked the Father's Day picnic as well.  

In addition to the bunnies, we also saw a mass of turtles swimming in the creek.  Big turtles, regular turtles, and even one baby turtle swam right past us on the bank.  

If the turtles and bunnies and ambiance weren't enough, then the rain really did us in for some fun.  For a while we were protected my the trees, then it started to rain pretty consistently.  Rain on a picnic is usually a bummer, but we decided to embrace it.  We packed up all the stuff and went for a quick little stroll in the rain.  Big adventure for our giggly little babes.  

 The light rain turned into thunder and lightening, so we called it quits and hopped in the car to head home for, as Burl said, "a nice warm bath" for the kids.  Baths turned into Fern-pooped-in-the-tub, which turned into chaos, which naturally turned into a pretty organized game of partners hide-and-seek with just the four of us.  Lastly, John and I got to go to a late night movie, which is a real treat since we haven't seen any movies or TV in a while.

In the name of celebrating, the day leaned a little more on the exciting side compared to a regular Sunday.  Even today, Burl asked why it couldn't be Father's Day again?  This celebrating thing is catching on...good times all around.  Happy Father's Day.

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