Friday, June 28, 2013

Mama! Cute!

As this blog is as much for me as it is to share, sometimes I just have to put up little stories here in the name of accurate recording. 

Fern's been saying little sentences and word pairings lately.  We're finding that the more she shares, the more sweetness comes out.  She is just a gem.  She and I were having some snuggle time the other night before I put her to bed, and she captured my heart even more.

She was in my lap and we were just coo-ing away.  She started to point to different parts of my shirt and say very clearly, "cute. cute. cute. cute."  Then, she put her hand flat on my chest and said, "Mama. Cute."  I asked, "did you say Mama is cute?" She replied with the sweetest, "uh-huh" and smiled big.  

A few minutes later she was resting on my chest, falling asleep, when she sat straight up and looked at one of my cheeks, leaned in, and kissed it.  Then, she did the same thing to the other cheek.  I almost died!  This was the first time she kissed me without prompting.  It was a very sweet moment, with my very sweet (and feisty) introverted little girl.  She's very dainty and sweet and girly, but she can stand hold her own...a great combination.

Needless to say, she's getting M&M's on demand now.  I cherish her.

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