Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hot Day At The Farm

Directions to my dad's farm literally involve, "take the first non-paved road on your right."  That's my dad's road that drives a few miles threw the woods to get to his mailbox.  And don't you know that we all love that about getting to his farm.  

Today I took the kids up there for my first warm-weathered trip to his farm.  Usually it's cold and gray and cold.  Today was hot and sticky and perfect.  (All pictures were taken with my phone because I forgot my camera.  How telling.  I vow to not be one of those bloggers that stops using their cameras.)

This trip was even better than the last time.  Burl is very comfortable with the workings of the farm, but also knows what to do when he's apprehensive. He launched right into the work, because he is so proud that his Pops needs his help.  

Fern was very excited about the animals, even though last time she was pretty scared of the noises.  She was getting very excited when we saw the animals, pointing and saying their names.  Chicken. Cow. Duck. Doggy.  It's adorable.  It makes sense though, because for the last two weeks, she's been obsessed with these two farm books and really just wants to look at the pictures and say what they are.

This time we had another first: I took both kids 4-wheeling.  I'm semi-terrified and semi-enthralled with it.  Burl was 100% excited, and Fern, well, I think she liked it because she didn't cry.  I couldn't really see her back there, but my dad said she was smiling.  Burl worked out this feed an animal-go for a ride trade off that was really fun.  He loved it!

We ate lunch in the Winne-hot dogs, cheese, apples, and blueberries.
Oh, how they loved those blueberries...and eating in the Winne.

After lunch (we were passing nap time at this point), Burl got to go fishing for the first time.  I snuggled with Fern in the tractor while they had fun.  My dad said that this trip should really be a 3-part series on my blog with all the adventures we had, so I think I'll follow the advice and let the fishing be its own post.  It was such a joy to watch!

Even though we're all exhausted, it was a good time and I'm thankful we made the drive.

A line out of one of Burl's library books sums it up perfectly,

"Today is gone.
Today was fun.
Tomorrow is another one.
Every day, from here to there, 
funny things are everywhere."

-One Fish, Two Fish by Dr. Seuss 

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