Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Enjoying Those Adventures

I'm totally in love with being a mom to these kids.  It's summertime and the adventures are at an all time high.  Pools. Playgrounds. Parks. Creeks. Hikes. Picnics. Fireflies. We're getting outside constantly, which is my favorite thing to do with them.  

I'm sinking deeper into my role as a mother, and becoming more aware of what my life looks like.  As I become aware of what our life looks like now, my expectations are more realistic and I'm more free to live the life that's happening, not a life that I wish was happening.  This process has been evolving since day one of being a mother, and I'm thankful for the small shift that's happened inside of me.

One of my favorite things that I've finally accepted about myself, is how I enjoy Burl and Fern.  One way that I enjoy them is by taking them on adventures, big or small.   For a while I fought this, thinking that going on so many mini or grand adventures was too much for them.  While I stay attentive to when it is too much for them, I have fully embraced that adventures is where it's at.  Once I stopped fighting this, I was freed up to really lean into this little pattern of life with them.  Right now, I'm really enjoying this life.


  1. your happiness and how much you love being a mom always shows through on your blog.

  2. I think you left out the best adventure... the farm