Friday, June 21, 2013


I'm having so much fun with Instagram.  It's instafun. And instacool. And instawesome. 

At a petting zoo birthday party.  That lamb was so sweet-it needed a bible verse tattooed on its ankle. 

Father's Day was such a fun day for us! Cheesy pizza, solid naps, rained-on picnic.  Memories for sure!

Pushing 70+ pounds in the rain on my run.  Good gosh. Where's my trophy? 

Perfect coffee with foam-cute boy taking apart a chair.  Rise and shine.

The kids napped for over three hours, so I was forced to brew some tea and start on dinner.

Cheeks, meet gravity. 

She loves her some tiptoes. 

Thanks, Chandler, for the head's up.  Best jean shorts ever.

The pearls.  She wanted them. Baaad.


  1. Replies
    1. Loft (having a sale right now) I unrolled them once. perfect.

  2. I am following you on instagram now and enjoying Fern's cute little tippy toes!

    I love that you showed the splatter on my stove--mine always looks like that, too!