Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fully-Stocked Writing Desk

"Writing a personal letter is like home-cooking a meal-It's one of the everyday human pleasures that sometimes rises to the level of a sacred ritual, complete with special objects that add extra meaning.  You probably cook with your own quirky assortment of familiar spoons and pans, and enjoy the color, furniture, and decoration you've created in your kitchen.  Of course you could arrange it more logically, but then it wouldn't be you.  And whether you cook from scratch or open a box, it's still the same kitchen you've organized to create the food you offer to the peolpe you care about.

"Your writing desk can hold the same kind of personal treasure as your kitchen, to reinforce the same human pleasure of creating something that connects you with friends and family."

Margaret Shepherd, The Art of the Personal Letter

The pens, the paper, the stationary, the setting, the stamps, are all great things to encourage a good letter.  For resources and links to encourage some good fun, there is this post that I wrote a while ago.

{Pics from here}

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  1. Beautiful desk...I need one of those maybe I would write more letters!


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