Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Doesn't Stop the Mail

Today is day 3 of the biggest snow that Chattanooga has seen since the blizzard of '93.  Eight inches for this southern town is enough to really shut things down.  Schools are closed, some businesses are closed (except John's work), and I have not driven my car in three days.  (For the record, besides Christmas, I haven't spent this much time at home ever.  Even after I got home from having Burl.)  Some might say that I'm getting cabin fever.  They would be wrong.

I'm loving being locked in!  Oh the things that I am doing.  Lots of playtime with Burl, fun projects (including the biggest paint project I've ever done), and lots of letter writing.  

The snow might have stopped a lot of things, but one thing has kept on truckin': the United States Post Service.  High-Ooo!!!  

If you are stuck inside, then wouldn't this be a great time to write some letters?  There are several types of letters to be written.  In The Art of the Personal Letter by Margaret Shepherd, she has 18 different kinds of letters.  My favorite and most frequently sent types are:

Letters of Congratulations
Letters of Condolence
Letters of Sympathy
Letters of Thanks
Letters  to Someone Who Is Away
Letters of Encouragement

This morning I sent out some letters (and a Netflix movie) that I have been wanting to send for a while.  I love seeing them sit on my mantel by the front door, keeping my greenery company, waiting to be walked to the mailbox.

If you would me to send you something, anything, I will, I would love to.  I'm OBSESSED with mail.  Just send me your address at and I'll do it! 

Until then, happy writing!


  1. i just realized that i was trying to see who the envelope was addressed to, in hopes that i would be getting mail soon. i haven't checked our mailbox-just figured the mail hadn't run. off to look!

  2. Off topic... but I LOVE your new header. I haven't visited in a few days, so forgive me if you've had it for awhile.

    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

  3. Hand written letters are a lost art. I got the nicest thank you card from my boyfriend's mom, after the holidays. It was so long, genuine, and heartfelt. I loved it!! When I was a kid, I had around 10 pen pals and we wrote long letters back and forth weekly. I am still friends with one, we connect on Facebook now.


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