Monday, January 24, 2011

Gettin' Deep

Fasten your seatbelts, I'm about to share some thoughts.  I hope they make sense.

With winter boldly making it's declaration on our weather, we are all spending more time in doors.  With an extra cup of coffee or tea and more time on our hands, there some of us that are doing a bit more thinking.  Sometimes that thinking turns into planning.  I am one of these people.

I'm thinking, planning, and enjoying more coffee AND tea as I wait for spring.  I'm enjoying a lot of reading-whether it's a blog, a magazine, a book, the Bible, a devotional, or a billboard-I'm soaking it all up.  Word are sticking with me these days.  Here are some that keep popping up:

Better Friend
Slowing Down
Soaking in the Moment

Those are great words.  I would love if those were words that described me, and so I've been trying.  Trying to be that person.  There is nothing wrong with that, but isn't trying to be those things not the point?  Trying doesn't foster a new person.  No, it only allows me to look like that cool person that I want to look like.

All this effort is a bit tiring.  I realized all this when I read something from a new blog that I'm following, Chatting at the Sky,

"I don’t know what slowing down and enjoying the journey looks like for you on a Monday in January. But I do know what it isn’t. It isn’t worrying about what tomorrow might bring. It isn’t shaming yourself into better or more productive behavior...I’ve done a lot of planning for the coming year, a lot of thinking about what is to come. And I’ve caught myself more than once trying to fire myself into the future like a cannonball. It helps to remember about the pace of God, how he could have made all of Creation with a blink of his eye, but instead he took a whole week, step by step."

That's good, isn't it?  The quote, "trying to fire myself into the future like a cannonball" really grabbed my attention.  It reminded me of something I heard from Oprah (PLEASE DON'T ROLL YOUR EYES).  She said, when turning 50-something, that she remembers her 20s.  In her 20s, she spent so much time and energy trying so hard to be something, to get something and she wish she could go back and tell herself to calm down because her whole life was in front of her.

That's what I want to do.  Quit trying.  Just living.  Enjoying the road, now matter how cold it is right now.  Easy-peasy.

All picture were taken by me, teehee.


  1. Deep thoughts with A Barefoot Day...
    love it!

  2. Day by day, travel the open road with a dream in your hand and a dollar in your pocket.

    -deep thoughts from me 14 years ago upon my high school graduation.


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