Monday, January 31, 2011


What is it about routine that brings us so much comfort?  For me, it's my morning routine of getting Burl and me out of bed and getting us breakfast that helps me feel normal.  We take a long time waking up and getting to the kitchen for the most important meal of the day.

Right now, we're enjoying oatmeal.  Warm milk poured over raw oats.  Sweet toppings: slivered almonds (well, not for Burl), sliced bananas, craisins, and a dash of brown sugar.

Last week (the day before grocery day), our family car was totaled.  God showed His protection, no one was hurt.  

For a few days, our lives have gone off of our routine.  Leisurely breakfasts turned into gathering scraps.  One-on-one playtime with Burl turned into barely entertaining him while I made the 348th call.  Fun test driving turned into the car seat shuffle. 

The whole replacing-the-family-car game is still going, but we have our groceries.  This morning, I'm enjoying the routine, the taste and the pleasure of my oatmeal routine.


  1. I made oatmeal for my daughter this morn....routine is good! Good luck on the car!

  2. what happened to your car?! :( sorry!


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