Thursday, March 17, 2011

G.Ma Polly's House

 I love my Grandma Polly and I love her house.  My mom, Broseph, Burl and I were there for a few days.  It was great.

I love being there.  Her house is always the same.  It smells the same, looks the same, everything is the same.

She's the type of grandmother that always has goodies on hand and will give them to you at will.  When I was little, she gave me oreo dessert when I was sick.  Now, she always cooks a pound of bacon and a pound of sausage for us.  Yum.

Guess who was the main attraction?  Give ya' a guess.  Starts with B, ends with url.

What is it about putting kids in glasses that is so funny?

1 comment:

  1. so glad you posted pictures! i love the one of gma polly and burl. so sweet. glad y'all had such a good time-i know how you love getting to visit her!