Thursday, March 3, 2011

Yard Trimmings

This is our bathroom after we (by we, I mean John) redid it.  Here's what we did:

1. Replaced the low, ugly, stained, cabinet and sink with a white pedestal sink.
2. Replaced the old mirror/cabinet combo with a white mirror.
3. Painted the walls a light khaki-ish color.
4. Painted the tile a clean white.  They were off white tiles with a black tile trim and brown grout.  U.G.L.Y.  

The redo made it so much cleaner, brighter, and prettier:


Everyone loved the new bathroom.  I would tell everyone what we (John) did.  "Tile can be painted?" was a frequent response, but not what I heard the most.  

I heard the most comments on that little white vase of greenery.   Everyone commented on it.

I'm not sure what people liked about it.  Maybe it's the only color in the room.  Maybe people love a little motha' nature indoors.  Who knows.  I got the greenery in my yard.  I have some shrubs that are a great resource for greenery.  I head out there all the time with a vase (or vases) and snip me a little somethin' somethin'.

Let's call it natural ambiance.

That has spurred me on to grab anything from outside and bring it in.  Monkey grass in mini vases.  Done.  Twigs.  Done and done.  

On more than one occasion John, my brother, and I have seen a pile of brush during a neighborhood run and helped ourselves.

Recent storms knocked some limbs on my rosemary bushes.  I grabbed the strays and brought them inside.  

This is way cheaper than flowers.  And I think it's just as nice as flowers.  Is there something in yo' yard that could make a nice arrangement?  Bet there is!!!


  1. I have rosemary too that I do that with...just yesterday I cut some other herbs and put them in pots too!!! Great idea! Bathroom is awesome!

  2. in my yard??
    SNOW! and plenty of it.
    i'll come back to this post sometime in may. ha!