Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Long List of Stuff For The Walls

Remember when I posted about needing stuff for my walls?  Well, I'm working on in...nothing yet, but I have some ideas.  

First off, is Burl's room.  I saw this on The Nest Files and quickly went to the resource for more pictures!

Isn't this a great nursery?  I like a lot of stuff about it, but my favorite thing are the barn doors.  Now if only I knew someone who loved me and Burl who also loved to play farmer?  Oh dad plays farmer and has farmer friends.

He might have found some for me.  He said that I need to look at them in person because they are "very weathered," as in a bad thing?  Um, no.  Mama like weathered.

The barn doors would look great.  I had a plan for this wall, but never finished it.  The same time that I blogged about needing stuff for the walls, Burl woke up from his nap and pulled a frame down.  Here is the current state of his wall:

Not so cute, right?  Barn doors?  Very cute!  

The second thing...I saw one of these prints on a blog (and for the life of me, I can't find that blog now).

The one above is called the White Collection.  There is blue, brown, green, red and yellow collections.  

There are a ton of options.  Buy a single print.  A small print.  A large print.  A collection.  As they say in Paris, Ooolala.

I think that these are all great and cute and might be right up my alley.  If you would like to buy some for me (and something for yourself as well), then click HERE to go to The Brown Pen's Etsy Shop.

The third thing that I'm considering is getting  a picture printed on canvas.  Do you know how "in" that is right now?  Way in.  Way.

I just haven't been able to pull the trigger, but I think that I found some motivation.  My Sweet Savannah just posted a link to get a free 8x10 canvas and other great deals on bigger pictures.  How great is that???!!!???  Want in?  Click HERE for her post about The Canvas People.  When I settle on my order, I'll be sure to post about it!

The forth thing that I'm thinking about is my initial.  A lot of the comments on my last post about walls were suggesting I use my last name initial.  I like this idea, but everyone seems to do that.  Buy a letter and put it up on the wall.  I want to find a creative way to do it.  Look at what my friend Meghan did:

She printed off an "h" at the biggest font that would fit on an 8.5" x 11" piece of paper; traced it; painted it on her walls; framed it using an empty frame.  How creative!  How can I do that...

Needless to say, I've got some plans.  Now it's time to start the projects!  In the meantime,  please send me anymore ideas or links or Etsy sights that look cool.  I'm all about being cool.


  1. oh my gosh i saw the first pic and thought you had done burls room like that and got really excited! I love it, so you should do it! :) fun fun fun
    cousin cutie.

  2. i need your dad's number.... i've been wanting a barn door for my living room to be the door to my kitchen which you can see when you step in my house. i am NOT neat therefore you see all my kitchen mess and i hate that!! also need something for the big wall that again, you see when you first walk into my house. hmmm... forgot about your dad and his farm.... can you give me a call? i me you... lol. yeah!

  3. ryan just came home and was looking through atlanta magazine. he started telling me about a cool nursery that had barn doors behind the crib. i asked if it was similar to the one in this post and it's the same one!