Monday, February 13, 2012

R.O.W.D.Y. & Sweet

Burl is just plain-ole-rowdy.  He play is so much fun to watch.  Here's a big post of pictures full of play.

Here Burl is at the park.  We had warm weather on a January day, so we headed to the park.  The rain we had earlier had created some muddy places-including one inviting puddle.  I threw caution to the wind, and let Burl play in it only to find that the said puddle was a toddler-size man hole.  He got pretty muddy.

It's so terrifying for me to go to the playground.  Burl still doesn't know how to take enough safety precautions, ie, he has no fear when it comes to playing.  For the most part, I'm within arms reach of him.  (except for that time he almost walked off the top part-thank you to that random dad who caught him.  Close call!)

There are certain pots & pans that Burl knows he's allowed to play with in the kitchen.  I wish I could know exactly what's going through his head when he's using them.

More playground, more rowdiness.

Uncle Joseph has been living here for about a month and Burl loves it.  In true uncle fashion, there are some things that Burl gets to do that he wouldn't normally do with John or me.  We have rules like, "no hitting, except for Uncle Joseph and Uncle Daniel."  Another rule we have is "no standing on the sofa unless you're playing the game with Uncle Joseph."

The game is this: Burl climbs on his little table, then stands on the arm rest and jumps onto a pile of pillows and blankets that Joseph has piled.  

It's hilarious to watch.

Uncle Joseph also taught Burl how to go head first down slides.

It's rare, but sometimes Burl slows down long enough to color.  I found some free Bob the Builder coloring pages online that I printed for him.  Even that got a little rowdy with lots of grunting and yelling:

Burl is very proud of himself when he gets hold of the spray water bottle.  Spraying things in general is fun for him, but the real craziness starts when he turns it towards his face and sprays himself.  Over and over.  Major laughter.  

The picture below was taken minutes after he woke up.  For the most part, Burl is a little calm when he wakes up in the mornings.  However, there are times that he is completely wild and crazy and getting him out of his room mimics the launching of a canon.

One morning, I was drinking coffee and doing stuff on the computer and Burl was all over me.  He wanted me to show him his machines-at-work-videos from John's work.  He was climbing on me.  He was pulling my hair.  He was wild.  Joseph grabbed him and started to play with him.  Rowdy-uncle style.  I couldn't ignore the fun and laughter anymore and I got my camera and started taking pictures.  I got this one and couldn't stop laughing.  Joseph was doing the classic horsey ride and went up for a rowdy "neigh," Burl grabbed hold and Joseph had his hands out like that and I lost it.  I'm laughing right now.  That shot is what the pro's call "money."

Then, there's little Fern.  She doesn't do much these days besides sleep or eat.  The longest that she can stay awake is two hours, and even that's a stretch.  

When she's awake, she just chills out.  We've noticed that she really keeps her eye on Burl and all the rowdiness that he gets into.  

The other day, it was just Fern and Mama and we played with her rattle.  It was a little calmer than the other play that we usually see in this house.

Whether it's Burl or Fern, I can promise this: we're having a grand time.
Rowdy toddler play or sweet infant play.  It's all good.


  1. hahaha SO CUTE! i love rowdy Burl! and Fern is pretttyyy! You're so lucky

  2. you have made me simultaneously excited and terrified! can't believe i'm going to have a boy!!
    i have laughed and laughed at the pic with joseph. the hands kill me.