Saturday, September 7, 2013


Here's a little Instagram picture dump! It's a Friday thing that is happening on Saturday. What the what!?! Also, I just met someone my age who had never heard of Instagram. Thankfully he heard of Twitter so I was able to explain to him the magic. He was a firefighter, so he can keep his cool points. Barely.

life rearranged

Here's a picture from last week's blue hole adventure. I used a new backpack for Fern, which left my shoulders sore for days. I'll never use that one again and will stay true to what works: Ergo.

We went to the blue hole again this week with our cousins. They homeschool, so they turned it into a homeschool lesson/class/activity thingy and brought with them the coolest gear. Burl was very excited about the binoculars (Christmas idea!). I was very excited my sil brought enough Oreos for everyone.

My Thursdays with Fern are just the best. She seems softer, girlier, and sweeter during that time: does she become those things or am I more available to take her in?

Fern has transitioned into a toddler bed that she can climb out of. And I like to spy on her with my iphone stuck through the space below the door. Here I angled it just right and found her asleep on the floor. The wake-up from this nap was ROUGH.

Here are my precious sweet babies sitting quietly, devouring every book they could get their hands on. Aka, delaying nap time.

I hope your weekend is off to a good start and you're able to cram some adventure into your days!

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