Wednesday, September 25, 2013

RIP Cheap Pearl

Newsflash: While wrestling Burl, one of my (fake) pearl earrings fell out and it's completely lost.

Since I wear those 361 days of the year, it's a lifestyle change being without them. Now I'm wearing my reserves: big, dangle things that make me feel saucier than I want to. I dragged the kids to the mall to buy some new ones and the two teeny-bopper stores were out of them-I was out of energy. Hopefully Walmart or Target will have some and life will go on as usual!

Side note: I always crack up when I take pictures of myself because I imagine my husband or best friend there. I picture them not in order to make me smile, but because I can't help to think of how much we would laugh if either of them were with me while I took the pictures.

The End.


  1. Go to Leslie's next to the Hixson Lupi's--all earrings are only $1 and they have TONS of pearl studs. They also have huge, cute bows. It is in a little shopping center next to a nail place.