Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Touch A Truck

Several cities host this little soiree called Touch-A-Truck. It's where service vehicles are parked in a field for kids to explore. My mom-of-four-boys friend emailed me that it was that time of year again, so we charged up the camera battery and headed out there. 

There were several cool vehicles, but for some reason the Carta City Bus is the biggest hit. It was last year too. There's plenty of room to run, a cord that dings when it's pulled and by far the nicest man who was there. I remember that last year the lady in the Carta bus was so friendly. They're so jovial and excited to talk about the bus and the fancy parts to it. Their enthusiasm was my favorite part of the day.

I forgot to get a family picture while we were there, because it was hot and we were out of cold drinks and becoming delirious. We headed home for lunch and I got a group shot with the kids chugging their milk. It was a good day, and I would highly recommend checking to see if your city offers the same thing. Free Family Fun!

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  1. You need to take them downtown just to ride the free shuttle. You never know what you might see!