Friday, September 13, 2013


It's Friday and I'm so excited for the adventure that we have ahead of us this weekend.  To kick things off, I'm taking part in Instafriday again, and I'm adding a few extra phone pictures to give a full picture of the fun things that happen in our house:

This week women's Bible study started at our church. We have our morning study and this year we started a night study that I'm so excited about.  What else to draw people to Jesus then homemade pink thumbprint cookies? 

Monday was spent at home for the whole day. What better thing to do than to follow the kids' lead and imagination? Burl came up with a game called, "Camping at the blue hole and red rock." Fern did her nails and Burl hunted for bears on the mountain. Well, we all did a lot of hunting.

Another day, I made a fort that was the  They were more interested in cooking hot dogs on the pretend fire and hammering on the fort than resting in the fort. I tried though.

What's better than snacks on the front stoop? Capturing hilarious funny faces in the process.  Photomom score!

When they're ready to go, they follow me around until I open the door and release them.  Here they are ready to go spend some time at the grandparents' house.

The other day I was making invitations for a baby shower and the kids just setup shop right there at my feet.  They each did their thing while I did mine and we chatted the whole time. Burl said, "Mama working, I working, Ferny working. We all working. I just love working."

I saw this rug on Instagram. Please help me find it. It's gorgeous.

I got to stamp and address the shower invitations. There is something about preparing a stack of envelopes to mail that makes my heart go pitter-patter. As my cousin-in-law says, "I love all things paper." 

There's a glimpse into my week. We're going on our last week of summer. Anyone have any last minute summer activities planned? John is excited about cooler temperatures, but I'm clinging to the last days of summer for my life. I just love summer! 

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