Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Picture Of Just The Two Of Them

I had a simple request for a picture of just the children together.  I tried everything to get them to look at the camera at the same time, smile (or at least not look upset), and to be somewhat centered.  I did not succeed in that goal.

I did, however, sweat a lot, make a lot of threats and a lot of promises, and acted like a crazy person.  Even though I didn't get the shot that I was hoping for, I got some fun ones.  Their softness and sweetness came through, and I'm reminded while looking at them that they are just babies.  My babies.

And I love them.  They are so precious.


  1. i know you had a certain shot in your head, because i do that, too, but OMG. what else could you have gotten? these are so so so precious!!!!!! (but i know how frustrating it is to want a certain one and not get it)
    these are seriously awesome though. look how "big brothe" and boyish burl looks. look at tiny fernie with her thigh rolls and her red hair and her seawee sandals. these are so awesome. i can't stop looking at them.

  2. The second from the last is my favorite

  3. These pictures show real life: Perfectly imperfect. :)

  4. girl those are so much better than any you coulda planned!

  5. Adorable as all of them, but the 2 where Burl is "inspecting" Fern's ear and then she is giggling are just so sweet. I can hear them laughing from here.
    Kathy, Greensboro, NC