Friday, May 3, 2013

First Gymnastics

Being only three years and two kids into this mom thing, I'm still having many firsts.  Today we had another first.  We had our first experience at a gymnastics studio.  It was an open gym thing, and $5 got the kids and me in for total mayhem.  

Watching them learn and explore something new is one of the most exciting things about parenting for me.  When we pulled up to the gym, the kids were released.  They needed no guidance from me (except wait your turn and don't jump on that kid), and they went for it.  Burl went wild with no inhibition, and Fern followed closely in his steps.  They made themselves quiet at home with all the ruckus.   

One thing that wasn't new for me but still feels cool is watching my kids be braver than what I imagine.  Within minutes, Burl was jumping off cushions into the ball pit.  I told my brother it was about 10 feet, and by 10 I meant 5 or 6, tops. Still, that's a big distance for Burl.  He was jumping  off with no hesitation.  A friend, who's son was doing the same thing, said the same thing.  I can't believe he just started doing that.  So true.

Then, there's little Fern.  She was a bit more feminine and careful than Burl.   Feminine and careful are not the same as boring or scared, let there be no mistake.  She was wild and adventurous, asking for "heyp" when she needed assistance and pulling on my shorts to show me something.  Be still my mama heart.  I'll follow her wherever she wants to go.  Her feisty little ways are a very sweet version of too big for her britches.  

Let's not forget her swagger.  I got 5 pictures of her walk across the floor pad.  If I flipped through them like a cartoon, I would have a good image of her rowdy walk.  It's a quick walk with the left hand swinging faster and larger than anything I can do.  John and I have tried, it's not easy.  The walk paired with her jaw inched out and we've got one fierce baby.  (Hardcore under bite seen in first picture.)  All this put together and she gives off this vibe that she's an aggressive 1 1/2 year old, but not really.  I love it. 

They were having so much fun, and I was feeding off their wildness.  Of course, Mama had to join in.  I jumped off one stool into a ball pit and screamed the whole time.  (Thanks Laura for taking the pic.)  It was a good time for us all.  TGIF.

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  1. Fun Day! Sorry I didn't get a better picture of you jumping...ha.