Friday, May 24, 2013

Avett Brothers, 5.17.2013

Last Friday, three vivacious sisters, Jenny, and I went to the Avett Brothers' concert in Alpharetta.  We were there when the doors opened, so we got close spots and were all kinds of hyper. We know how to jam out, and jam out we did.  It was not a year and a half ago this same group saw Avett in Chattanooga on a fun New Year's Eve Eve.  

I have to mention one highlight: Seth Avett pointed to me during the concert.  Everyone around me said so.  We were that close.  I'm that tall.  And I had my arms raised almost the whole concert.  I wonder if he wants to come over for dinner.  I'll make pie.  He can hang with my family.  

To get a crappy video of their opening song, click below. Can't wait until next time, ladies!


  1. I still think it's funny that I've heard several Avett Brother's songs on my husband's playlist, but didn't know they were Avett Brothers, till I saw your post saying you were going to a concert. So I listened to the clip you had, liked the banjo intro and asked my husband if he knew of them. Of course, he did...he knows everything and finds out everything before it clicks with me. But anyway, looks like the concert was a blast!

    1. Ha! At least someone's got your back! Patty and I often reference our younger siblings for the know on what's cool. Concert was great, thanks!!!