Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Jumpy Pictures

Who said teenagers get to have all the jump-for-the-camera fun?  Burl couldn't get enough of this.  We must have done it ten times in a row.  Every time I would start the camera and run over  with Burl, Fern would crack up laughing and get all excited.  A few times she joined us, but it felt to dangerous. arm sockets were hurt in the taking of these pictures.

Today is one of those awesome playtime days with the kids.  John and I call days like these Money In The Bank, because it's times like these that we get to enjoy and invest in our kids.    I've busted out several fun mom tricks and we're rockin' and rollin'.  I've got a few tricks up my sleeve for post-nap time.  Let the good times roll. 


  1. were you playing the 80"s hit Jump Jump for my love....

    1. try the 90s... it was wack, yo.