Saturday, May 4, 2013

Black & Orange Quesadillas

Last Saturday night I nailed it.  I wanted a fun festive night with a new exciting meal that we all enjoyed.  Everyone will eat everything, but it's very rare that we find a meal that we all go crazy for.  Except pizza.  This house loves some pizza.  

I called my dad and got his recipe for Sweet Potato & Black Bean Quesadillas.  With Chipotle Cream Dipping Sauce.  When I say "got his recipe," I really mean called for his list of ingredients which included a lot of "you could add this" or "you don't have to use that."  Yes, Dad, I know that's the case with your recipes.  

Want the list too? Here it is:

Black beans (we had leftovers)
Sweet potatoes, roasted
Onion, diced and sauteed
Bell pepper, diced and sauteed
Lime juice

Combine all the ingredients (except tortillas) in a bowl.  Use a 2:1 ratio for sweet potatoes:black beans.  Use as much cilantro and cumin as ya want.  Cumin is a household favorite, so I think I used 1 1/2 tablespoons.  

Next, fill the tortillas with mixture and cook 'em in a pan.  Flip. Serve. Enjoy.

For the dipping sauce, I combined 1 cup of sour cream with one pepper and some sauce.  I blended it in my food processor.  It was spicy, but oh so good!

We washed it down with some strawberries and laughs and had ourselves a fun dinner.

It took us a few months, but we've finally found our groove at dinner.  I've tried to calm down during the last stages of food prep, John helps out with drinks and setting the table, we lowered our expectations for what dinner looks like with babies, we eat faster, we don't fight the mess, and we don't force our kids to eat anything.  Burl has to try one bite of everything, and Fern doesn't need much dinner.  One thing is for sure: what they get is all they get-no substitutions.  These are our little ways to a fun family meal.

Wishing your house fun meal times, tasty new recipes, and solid memories.  Happy Saturday!

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