Friday, May 31, 2013

I'm Sick Without A TV

It's Friday and I'm all jittery because we have a fun weekend ahead and the house is clean (enough) and the groceries are restocked.  This week has been beautiful.  

Nothing special has happened, but I feel like I owe my sister-friend a general rundown and update of this week.  We've been in touch texting about coloring in the lines and turds hitting the floor and what people think of us, so we've obviously stayed on the surface.  Wink, wink.  

Here's the thing about this week-I've been sick.  I've had drainage and I've hacked and my fever got up to 100.4 and I've acted very pitiful just to make sure no one around me forgets that I'm sick.  This is the third time that I've been sick in 2013, which is highly unusual for me.  I get sick once every year or every other year.  I think it's my kids.  I'm blaming them, and I blame them with the utmost love.  I heard that this happens-healthy people get sick more often once they have littles running around.  It's a fine trade.

Anyways, it's been rough and awesome and beautiful, because I survived and I survived without a TV.  When I was sick (or pregnant), then the TV played a major roll in how I got through the day.  This week, I kept the kids fed and happy as I rolled around in self pity.  We did this combination of read a book and snuggle, then they would get down and play while I closed my eyes.  We would repeat a few times, then head outside while I played lazy on the outdoor chairs and they ran around like crazy people.  Pure bliss.  It really went a lot smoother than I imagined.  

Last night, I went to yoga.  (I went to a yoga class at the climbing gym, which I hadn't been to in about three years after an unforgettable accident.)  I told the yoga instructor that I might have to bail early if I wasn't feeling good.  There happened to be only two of us in the class, and it went beautifully.  Not only did I stay the whole time, but I felt so much better afterwards.  I slept hard last night, then woke up this morning feeling amazing.  Burl keeps asking me, "Mama, how you feel good?" which sounds differently than, "Mama, how you feel? Good?"  Well, Burl (and Lauren), Mama's running at 90% and that's good news by me.

On this weekend eve, I'm perfectly ok with 90%.  That's all I need to carry me through some fun stuff scheduled.  I hope your weekend is full and fun and carries you outside often.  These are the days!

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  1. you know i love a good update!! glad you're on the mend, but being sick with kiddos is for.the.birds.
    no bueno.
    glad they went easy on you.
    here's to a weekend full of coloring in the lines and no tUrds on the floor :)