Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Different Kind Of Mom Vacation

"The catalyst for this trip was being inside in the air conditioning all summer long
and not being able to play."

The old Meg would watch this video and think, "Wow. How cool, but I will never get to do anything like that. I'm not that hardcore and don't have that much time or money." The new Meg (and I don't know when the switch happened or what it looked like) is inspired by this. I am inspired that I can make a trip like this happen, but I can make my own adventure here at home.  I'm inspired that we as mamas, as women, as people still want to play and can find a way to make it happen. It's not about what our play is, but life is about finding our own play and making it happen.  (Well, that's not all life is about, but it plays a large role.)

Before I get all life-philosophy here, I just want to say that this video inspires me to play. Play is something that I was never really good at, but I have found the freedom to do now that I'm in my 30s. My idea of playing when I was a child was "run a business and run a nursery."  Not a lot of youthful play in that, but I'm finding my stride now and I have to say that it's so good for me.

{John showed this video to me, because "it looked like a Meg kind of video."
The source was Prana, which has a lot of fun, playful videos.}

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  1. Play definitely changes with different stages of your life but I agree you're never too old to play! x