Thursday, August 8, 2013

Glenn Falls With An Outdoorsy Mama

So I think that I've gotten somewhat of an image of a very outdoorsy Mama. I know why. It's because that's the picture that I paint. I take my words, my blog, my social media and I share about all the fun things we do outside and how much I love it. I really do.  

A few weeks ago, I took the kids by myself on a little hike while John was at work. I ventured out and went somewhere that was completely new to me.

Ever since I got Instagram I've been opened up to everyone's day to day life. To be honest, I just love it. You stay home and watch TV all day? Cool, I like that.  You go on a fabulous trip to the Caribbean  Sweet, I can't go, but I would love to see the pictures.  You take your kids on a one-of-a-kind day adventure? Inspiring. By helping with the youth group, I follow several teenagers and they are always getting outside and opening up new places for me to explore.  That's how I found Glenn Falls. One of them posted about it, and I decided that I wanted to go.

The directions I found online said things like "it's the pull-off two football fields past this road." Huh? I can't just sloth the minivan to find a random trail on the side of the highway. And, what if the trail is too much for Burl? And what if...1,000 different scenarios? None of those things stopped me, but they didn't excite me either. What excited me was the trying and getting out there and doing those things with my kids.

The hike was easy. The falls were pretty.  The area around the falls was anything but baby friendly. I had to do a lot of carrying both babies for safety's sake. Oh, and Fern pooped a big one and I had no diapers or wipes and I ended up using Burl's shirt as a diaper under her bloomers. Some people would role their eyes and think what a disaster, but I know that there are a bunch of people out there who know that makes the story better. 

As I post these pictures and tell my stories on social media, I'm getting reactions. My uncle wants to know about this new Meg who is active and likes being outside. A Facebook friend asks, "so I see all these hiking/woods pictures. Is that something you do or something you like to do with your kids?" 

And here is my response and some thoughts:

Outdoorsy Meg has always been here. I've always thought that being outside was the greatest adventure there is, but it got covered up when I was younger. I'm guessing a combination of having free time everyday, being a mom, and general growing up, I've figured out what I like to do that helps me enjoy life. In the 90s we called this "finding yourself." 

I enjoy being a mom, a wife, a friend, and a person by going on little adventures outside. It's the trying.
It's not letting little things snuff out the joy of and adventure.

Saying those words are so freeing. Growing up, being outdoorsy was reserved for special super adventurous people. While I'm far from that, I do like my little adventures in my little life in my little town that has such big things to offer. And, I just love growing up with all its big doses of perspective. 

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