Friday, August 30, 2013

A Simple Update

Besides our outdoorsy adventures, life around here is pretty quiet and calm. We are working on small little projects, letting kids watch DVDs, and filling in the gaps of life. Here it is:

The pool house of the pool where we swim every week was hit by lightening and caught on fire. Deb texted me, "Summer is officially over, the pool is unusable," so we're on the hunt for other ways to swim. Chattanooga is filled with natural blue holes, and today I took the kids on a little adventure. Details later...

John and I love our local coffee, but we don't love the prices. We get this now, then grind the beans at home. At almost half the price, it's the cheaper option. Try it out. I've seen it at Walmart and Publix.

Each of the kids are getting an upgrade on their beds and rooms. No huge before and after makeovers but a monumental transition nonetheless. Fern's in a toddler bed and Burl is getting bunk beds. He's already planning slumber parties. World, watch out!

I've finally busted out the sewing machine for some projects that I've had sitting around my house for a while. I've decided that I'm not a fan of actually ironing, pinning, cutting, and sewing. However, I'm a huge fan of doing it myself and saving money and getting what I want. Fern is absolutely fascinated with the sewing machine, and loves to sit in my lap while I do it. 

The TV is still upstairs and we have no plans of bringing it back down at this point. We didn't realize how stressful we made it on ourselves to upload things, help Burl pick out something, and get it ready. It's been nice having that break. However, it is fun to snuggle them while they watch a movie, so we watch DVDs on our computer. Last Friday, their naps were super short and I was running around like a crazy lady getting ready for our camping trip. The kids got the royal treatment: their room chairs, Toy Story, juice, and goldfish. They were in heaven.

The end of Summer is coming at me like a freight train and I am sad about that. I just love the attitude that Summer brings into our lives and makes everything extra exciting. I'm trying to make the most out of these warm, extra sunlight days. 

There's our little update. Now we are headed into this Labor Day weekend with plenty of exciting plans made and some downtime as well. Happy Labor Day, Y'all!

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