Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Canoeing With Burl

While on our camping trip, I got to take Burl canoeing on the lake at Fall Creek Falls. I'm always excited to get an opportunity to go canoeing, and including Burl on the adventure was a treat!

There was a lot of talk that went into the preparations. Basically, I just explained every way I could that canoes tip over all the time, so we have to be careful. We sat down in the boat and that boy stayed frozen. He was not going to tip that boat. 

Eventually he warmed up and I assured him that he could move. He started to move, but he did it carefully with a lot of caution. Once he relaxed, he started the talking. Oh, the talking...

"I wish I brought my fishin' pole and do some fishin"
"Mama, dis taking a long time"
"Mama, I thinkin about why there no beavers in da water"
And several questions about canoeing, which he called "anoeing"

We found one of the creeks that fed the lake (or is it lake that fed a creek?). At the source, we found a beaver dam and some very small fish. Burl was entranced. He was fascinated. I sure hope that this canoe trip made a big enough imprint to make it in his memory. The dam and fish might have sealed it for me. 

Now, I was extremely nervous taking my Iphone and DSLR camera canoeing with a toddler for the first time. John gave me 50/50 odds for tipping, which was enough for me to feel comfortable to take the risk. If we couldn't take pictures, then what's the point in canoeing in the first place? {Kiddingnotkidding}  I even gave Burl my phone to take a picture of me-he took 40 and laughed the whole time. "Put mama's face in the box" was my instruction. He eventually gave me back my phone, and told me that I should send a picture to Lauren.

After an hour and a half, he told me that he was tired and wanted to rest, so we headed back. The canoe trip was pretty easy and uneventful, and Burl was all smiles. I had fun and can't wait to take Fern when she gets older too!

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