Friday, August 23, 2013


Let's take a look at my recent Instagram posts, pictures and videos. I've been staring at the blank page of blogging for the past two weeks, so here is a little picture into my life until I get my grove back. If you have Instagram (and I would highly recommend it), then feel free to follow me.

I rocked a celebraid the other day, and I noticed that there were three random hairs-GRAY hairs popped out to say, "You're too young for this look." Oh what joy.

My favorite little thing about this school thing is the walk to and from school. I thoroughly enjoy the slow pace and the conversation. It's so sweet.

Another favorite BIG thing about the school days is how much little Fern comes alive. I just love having my time with her. I look forward to it all week!

A while ago, I went to an after hours surprise party at the climbing gym. The owners eloped a while ago, so naturally calling them to come to the gym after they fell asleep was a good honor to them. It was a huge ordeal, but they were so sweet about it. This climbing world is a very different world than what I'm used to. It's completely different than the stay-at-home mom, church crowd that I usually hang out with. One is not better or worse, but the variety is the cool thing.

My little bro is coaching at Lipscomb and I got to meet his team one night when they stopped in Chattanooga for dinner. The kids got to see him and loved the big red and black bus. 

Little Fern fell out of her bed, so we switched her crib to a toddler bed and she can get in and out. I don't have a monitor, so I stick my phone under her door to spy on her. 

Here are some short videos from my Instagram as well. Two are from the after hours surprise party at the climbing gym, which is just wild mayhem. The other movie is from our hike to Rainbow Lake

life rearranged

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  1. I love that you used your phone under the door to check on the little one! Also, I dream about the days when I only 3 gray hairs - ha ha!

    Have a great weekend!

    julee @ D.I.Y. Louisville