Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Five Hours Of Fern

There's some big news happening this week: Burl is going to school (officially a parent's day out program) one day a week for five hours. I have a lot of exciting thoughts swirling around my head, but the thing that I'm most excited about is to have that time with Fern. Just Fern and mama. Hanging out. Playgrounds. Plant sales. Coffee shops. Creeks. And just playing on the floor in her room. Oh, I'm literally giddy about that one on one time.

While Burl is my talkative, extroverted, wild child who is my personality twin, Fern takes after her Daddy. She's quiet. She only gets silly when it's just her close circle of family or friends. She's careful. She's very aware of everyone, but she stays inside herself on a level I've never seen in any other children her age. 

Our personality differences don't make me nervous. Instead, they draw me to her even more. (I love introverts!) And, as weird as this sounds, I miss the one-on-one time that I've never had with her. This week, we get five hours to our girly, mother-daughter, adventure-filled time. I'm thrilled.

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