Monday, August 19, 2013

Last Minute Rainbow Lake

One of my favorite ways to end the weekend is a last minute adventure. Instead of making dinner last night, we grabbed some snacks for the kids, threw them in the car and went for a hike at Rainbow Lake. It's currently our favorite hike, because we pass a cave, see a waterfall, get to play in a creek, and best part of all, Burl can do the hike himself!

Here are some Burl and Fern facts: 

Burl hiked like the hare does. Sprint.Stop.Sprint.Stop. He talked the ENTIRE time. He wasn't afraid of monsters when it got dark because he would "fight them with his little stick." He looked for buried treasure. He threw rocks in the creek. He skinned his knees three times.

Fern wore one of my necklaces. She liked riding in the backpack, but she didn't like being put in the backpack. She loved digging in the dirt at the creek. She liked to stand on little rocks and say quietly "Ta-Da." She fell down in the water several times.

Adventures with these little ones are fun for sure. I like closing down the weekend this way.

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