Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Bundles Of Fun

This mama loves her some pretty packaging. I'm actually not that good at wrapping with paper, and every year my mom seems to point out my bad wrapping job. I make up for it though.  I like simple, pokey knots over big perfect bows, and I just die over some cute gift tags. That's where it's at in my opinion. 

Above are my cookie boxes I gave this year:
White boxes. 
Mountain gift tags
DIY Wonky stars (tongue compressors and hot glue gun)

Below are gifts this year:
Wrapping Paper (white, kraft, and some inexpensive patterns from Home Goods)
Ribbon from our local ribbon factory and twine
Animal gift tags (so our family right now as Burl wants a pet bear for Christmas)

My mom and I are the only wrappers in our family, and we always laugh as my brothers tell everyone to close their eyes as they hand us our gifts, get this, RAW without wrapping. We laugh every.time. 

Happy Gifting!

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  1. I can't abide not wrapping...I think I would have to wrap it myself just so I could unwrap it. I have even been known to suggest particular boxes and paper to my husband (control freak, perhaps?!). And why have you not shared this ribbon factory info before? Must check it out!