Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas Fun

Let's say it's summer. And I told you not to go swimming. Or grill hamburgers. Or wear flip-flops.  Or grow tomatoes. What if I told you that doing these things would make you miss the point of summer? In order to really enjoy summer, you would need to slow down and stop and not do much. That's crazy right? I don't do those things in order to enjoy the purpose of summer. I do those things because it's summer and it's fun and there's only one season to go swimming. 

That's how I feel when people tell me to slow down at Christmas. It just seems like crazy talk. The motto "do less. be more" makes me feel so guilty for wanting to gather/celebrate/make/enjoy during the Christmas season. While the purpose of summer (not sure what that is aside from berry and home-grown tomato season) is far greater than the purpose of Christmas, I still am captivated by the hype that this season provides. I'm so excited that this morning I planned a Christmas party complete with a real Santa Clause for the kids. We've got our must-have's on the calendar. And I'm in full excitement mode all.the.time. I enjoy the season by doing. It makes it feel like MORE to me. 

If you live in the Chattanooga area and you love this time of year and you love hype and you want to do fun things, then here are our top three things to do that don't cost any money (in order that they happen):

1. Visit Santa at Warehouse Row. This is our local mall that has amazing boutiques. Last year, they offered free pictures with Santa and it was the most beautiful arrangement. I'm not a huge fan of Santa because he dwarfs Jesus' gift in the eyes of kids, but I love Santa because the kids get so excited about him! {Mixed message much?} I have no problem with Santa, actually, and I have no problem if you do. For me and my household, we will visit him and get a fancy free picture.

He'll be there for one night only this year. Thursday is the open house for the mall, and we will be there!

2. Mainx24 Parade. This is a huge event in Chattanooga's Southside. Several local stores enjoy so much support on this day, with happenings lasting day and night. Our favorite is the parade and we will be going again this year!

3. EPB lights & free shuttle. This was our favorite thing that we did last year. We went three times, because it's so much fun to watch the kids enjoy the displays-they're at the perfect stage for this stuff. We like to get pizza at Lupi's, then ride the shuttle a few blocks to EPB. It's the perfect family night out! 

If you're not local and need some ideas, then here are my favorite things to do at the holidays: order some cards from this great site, take lots of pictures, make thumbprint cookies, and have people over for dinner. We love cooking with and for friends during this time of year-steamy old windows just means that we're making some good food.

If you're like me and want to participate in Christmas hype, then please be free to pump it up. It only comes once a year, and there are many exciting things happening all around us.

May this be your best Christmas season yet. Be free. 

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