Saturday, December 7, 2013

Picnic & Flowers With Fern

Noah is to the ark, as I am to cold weather. Hunker down and wait.
Noah is to a dove with an olive branch, as I am to unseasonably warm days. A small sign of hope.

(Feeble attempts at a self timer picture with Fern.)

While Burl was at school, Fern and I had a special day downtown to celebrate the warm, flip-flop weather. We did two notable things that I would like to share with my Chattanooga friends. 

Fern always wants to pack a lunch on Burl's school days to be like him. This week, we packed her own lunch in her bag and had ourselves a picnic. She took her time eating and enjoyed one-on-one time with Mama-we had nowhere else to be.

Chattanoogans: The pavilion in Miller Plaza is open during the day throughout winter. They have tables, chairs, and heat. It's the perfect solution to cold winter picnics. 

Right there in the plaza is an adorable, cute flower shop. It's teeny tinny, but they sell by the stem and wrap purchases in brown paper. After our picnic, I asked Fern if she would like to go buy a flower stem, and of course she said yes! What did that girl pick? Pink roses, which happen to match perfectly with her hair bow. 

Even though my mom believes it's so wrong to put pink on a red head, I just love it and I tell her that I didn't have a girl for nothing-bring on the pink and red hair. (This coming from the girl who loves the sage/aqua combination!)

Little Fern is such a treat to have on her own, and I really enjoyed spending this warm day being outside with her. Also, that girl is so proud of her flowers that she has in a jar in her room.
Little girl, little ways.

Chattanoogans: The Daily Flower is a great little spot. They are opened 10-6, Monday through Friday. John particularly loves it because he's not too far from work, and after 5 there is plenty of on the street parking. Take note!

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