Friday, December 27, 2013

Ten Years Together

Four Days. Just Us. In Asheville. Celebrating 10 years of Marriage.

Our families graciously loved on our babies as John and I slipped away right before Christmas for a little anniversary trip together. We ate so much great food, visited the Biltmore, explored several waterfalls, relaxed in a beautiful condo, talked in complete uninterrupted sentences, and enjoyed being together. I'll let the pictures show what we did...

The trip was good in so many ways, but two things stood out to me: we had so much fun being together and we need to get away more often. This trip served as a reminder to ourselves that car rides to the grocery stores or exciting overnight trips, we benefit from carving out time and space to connect with each other. 

It feels so monumental to say that we've been married for TEN.WHOLE.YEARS. I get so bubbly if I try to talk about our marriage with any sort of clarity, because I am extremely grateful for it all. Our marriage has always been good, but we want it to be great! We do what we know works: realize that it's all a big fat gift from the Lord-that's what we say almost daily, "we've been given so much." At this point, I think the biggest tool we've been given in our marriage is good advice and counsel. We've been occasionally to counseling (which I would highly recommend!) and we've been surrounded by older people in our church and lives that are great about talking to us about marriage. 

There are so many good things about being married to John and about this trip together and about celebrating ten years of marriage. Whenever I get excited about something, I always choke on my own words, and this is proving a hard thing to conclude. Instead of trying to find the simple words myself, I'll leave it with a quote by Walt Whitman (that I saw on social media, not from my personal readings):

"We were together, I forget the rest."

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  1. That's one of our favorite cities to visit...congrats on 10 years!