Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Candles, one random pumpkin, spotted silverware, un-ironed linens, and watercolor blurb name tags courtesy of Burl were our fancy table decorations. Nothing fancy at our house for Thanksgiving.

With two brothers and no sisters, I've learned that if I cross the line of party planning, then our holiday meals don't go well.  With my brothers ripe from their Turkey Trot, Burl still recovering from surgery, we did what we always do for Thanksgiving: kept it very casual. 

We had a good time. We ate good food. We laughed a bunch. But, the best part for all of us was watching Burl and Fern be wild. Between fighting and dancing, those kids had us fully entertained. And I think they loved it.

It was a very happy Thanksgiving.

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  1. there's a major error in this post. hint: it starts with "NO SISTER"
    just gonna pretend i didn't see that one.