Thursday, December 12, 2013

Tape City

I give full credit to the grandmothers for our large collection of Little People toys. It's whole lotta plastic, but the kids enjoy them. Recently, I pulled them together in the den, found some red tape and made them a little city. 

As I was setting it up, Burl was saying, "THIS IS GOING TO BE AWESOME," and Fern was saying, "Thank you, Mama, thank you!!!" Once I got it all set up, they started playing imaginatively with it. Someone went to jail, a construction site was setup, buildings were on fire, and a baby went camping. It was all good fun. 

We left it like that for a couple days, and then they had the most fun with it. John snapped this picture while they were pealing the tape off the carpet. This was their favorite, heavy-breathing, toddler-focused part of it. The whole thing was a big success (and no carpet was harmed in the making.)

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