Thursday, December 19, 2013

Kid Christmas Party

On Monday these two precious babes hosted a party at our house. Well, I did most of the work, so we can call it a group effort. I made simple sandwiches, thumbprint cookies, drinks, and threw some pretzels in a bowl. Oh, and I made a delicious dip for the moms to share. It was pretty painless to prepare for-especially since I let the kids hit up the snack table instead of make breakfast and I forgot to brush Burl's hair. Let's just say it was VERY casual. 

The party was a large, rowdy playdate with snacks and a visit from Santa. Burl was happy to have his friends over to fight, and Fern the introvert even enjoyed playing with everyone and told me her favorite part was "Friends!" That was simple and great, until...

We gathered everyone for Santa's visit. I asked a very excited and willing college kid from church to dress up as Santa. Rob was an incredible Santa. He was so excited to hang out with the kids and most of the kids were willing and excited to go tell him what they want for Christmas. I just said excited four times...very telling of the party!

Once he arrived, Santa texted me that he was in the front yard and everyone gathered in the front room for Santa. He busted in with "ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas!" It.Was.Epic.

While I had a great time throwing a party for my children, I was really surprised by the feedback that I got. Several of the moms texted me after the party thanking me for it and saying such kind things. It seemed really special to everyone beyond just a party, and I've been trying to think about what it was. I didn't get very deep, but I believe that moms like to get together and all moms like to give their kids excitement. Santa and their very own party is exciting!

To top the day off, Lauren stayed for two more hours and we were able to talk while our kids played quietly and perfectly. The whole day was amazing and it's thinks like this that makes Christmas time charming!

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