Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas Tree, 2013

"Hi Christmas! Hi Lights!" Fern said as she ran to the tree waving. It was the first time she saw the tree with lights. Like most people, we do things in stages here. Night one: buy, install, and light the tree. Night two: ornaments and decorations. The following week: free trimmings are crafted throughout the house and we binge on holiday cheer. 

I love the full circle of emotions that decorating a tree can be. From "living the dream" glee to "one more time and __________" frustrations, we felt everything that night. I love being a part of this little family no matter what occurs. They are just fun. 

Eventually Fern got her stool and put it by the Christmas tree and sat, sucking her thumb. I asked Burl to join her for a few pictures, and of course they were adorable. 

The tree and decorations are just extra things that I have to manage, but they seem to do something for us. They hold historical and family memories, and they remind always remind me that gifts are good and love is better. 

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