Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Baby Shower

It's no secret, I love a shower.  Baby Shower. Wedding Shower. Lingerie Shower. House Warming Shower. Heck, I think we should start a Single People Shower.  It starts with an invitation in the mail, a bunch of people gather together in someone's home, we eat fun food and punch, and watch someone open gifts.  What's not to love?

This past Saturday, there was a shower at my house.  I have to say that I was a bit nervous though.  Some of the invitations were addressed to Mrs. Christopher Willington, (not an actual name, just an example) all fancy-like, and I was nervous that my house wasn't big enough or fancy enough and these women were going to feel let down.  

Too much energy was wasted on my insecurities, because the shower wasn't about me and in the end, we all had a great time.  The ladies and gals at the shower were so much fun!  Oh, they were so sweet and so nice and they were so happy to be there celebrating the mother-to-be.  I was too.  My friend and her husband are going to have so much fun with their baby!

There are so many great baby showers out there and so many great ideas.  I'm no expert on ideas and food, but I'm an expert on having fun with it all.  Here is what we did:

We themed the shower around owls, because her bedding is this cute owl design by Dwell.  Click HERE for it.  

The invitations were designed by one of the hostess to match the bedding.  Well, she and I collaborated.  Her input: 95%, mine: 5%, and very bossy 5%.  If you would like to see them, click HERE.

  We made different stations for the food.  Punch, water, and coffee were in the kitchen; plates and typical, yummy shower food on the dining room table; and desserts on the dining room buffet.

For Christmas I got a pastry bag, tips and fancy food coloring.  All of the sudden, I think that I'm something special, so I made this cake.  For a rookie, I think it turned out cute, but I can see that I have some improving to do-including wiping off the cutting board.

The father-to-be's name is "Frank" and they are having a boy, so, as much as pigs in a blanket are overdone, I thought it would be fun to serve them as "Little Franks."  The ladies thought it was a Hoot.  Get it.  Hoot.  Owl theme.  Whoo-woo do I think I am?  

We had a nametag station for everyone to write their name and how they knew the guest of honor.  This is a great conversation starter.  Especially if someone makes something up like, "I used to date the father-to-be," but I don't know woo would do that.  Not me.  I'm too classy.

Jeremiah 1:5, always a good Bible verse to include in a baby shower.

Another great idea is to google baby quotes.  Print them and post them near one of the food/drink stations.  My favorite one being,
"Diaper backwards spells repaid." 

The best thing to have at the shower are the friends.  Here are some very close friends of mine.  We've been through good times and hard times together.  We throw showers for each other.  We call each other.  We vacation together.  We pray for each other.  We send out "help" signals to each other.  Most of all, these girls, when I need it most, point me back to Jesus.  


  1. you did that cake? i'm impressed! super cute!

  2. Your cake is fabulous as is all of your shower details. Congrats on creating what looks like a beautiful event! I'm sure the mommy to be felt loved.

  3. so lovely! I might even have another baby if it meant I could have a special event like this one...ha! You always spark my imagination, Meg. :)

  4. Tell me more about this Single Person Shower!

  5. Patty, you can be my first guest of honor. I'm guessing that things will be wilder at a Single Person Shower.

  6. I love your decorating style, but your last sentence in this post brought me to tears. What a great group of friends, to point each other to the greatest Friend of all.

  7. Hey!! Loved your baby shower. Must say a great job is done in arranging everything. Liked the adorable owl cake. Have been planning my friend’s baby shower at one of popular LA venues. Hope will be able to arrange amazing party for her.


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