Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Kitchen Motivation

Have you ever seen someone else's house and it's just awesome.  We're talking WAY COOL.  What does it do for you and your home goals?  

For me, it's usually paralyzing.  I can get caught in a comparison game.  Look what they have that I will never have.  Wonder how much money they have that I don't have?  It really gets very sick and gross and I'm like a pig wallowing in the mud.  Pig. Mud. Wallow. Me.  Get the picture?  

Instead of figuring out why I do that, I'm trying to figure out how to move past that.

Let's take my kitchen for example.  It's a good kitchen, but I have some plans for it.  Long term plans.  Short term plans.  Right now plans.

My right now plans have been on my to-do list since we bought this house over 4 years ago.

It looks a little something like this:
lay board the cabinets and the floors 
fill holes left from the previous handles
replace fake gold hinges
repaint cabinets back to white.

When I told John about how I hate (yes, hate) my kitchen and I just wish I could repaint the cabinets, he fixed my problem.  I love that guys like to fix problems.  He said ok, and got started on the project right then.  

We started painting.  I painted just as much as he did.  He did the other stuff.    

This is what happened:

I feel in love with my kitchen.  The changes were small, but to me they were huge.  The improvements were just enough for me to feel free to cook and clean and be in there without the guilt of a project undone.

I also realized that I don't want to have to let all that hate well up inside until is dumps onto John.  That is NEVER a good idea in any life circumstance.

That was all the motivation that I needed.  Now, I know what if feels like to get stuff done, work towards the goal, and feel good that we're getting there.  Wherever "there" is. 

For now, I hope that I will remember to quit feeling overwhelmed or not cool enough or not rich enough to make changes.  As long as I'm doing something, I can enjoy my home.  It is and always a work in progress.  Always.


  1. Great post! I try and not compare, but it can be hard!

  2. I suffer from the paralysis of indecision and failure to commit. "What if I make a change and don't like it?" Um, I guess I can change it again, right, 'cause life is always about changes.

    I was thinking yesterday about your mom's hair...sometimes it's good to just have something different.


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