Friday, February 11, 2011

What Just Happened?

"Did he just...? What just happened?  Was that his first step?  Did he just take a step?  Did you see that?  Yes?  That was a step right?"  

-that was the conversation that happened yesterday afternoon in my dining room with my friend while we were talking and Burl was playing at the window.

"Where's your camera," she said, "let's see if he'll do it again!"

She grabbed my camera, we set things like before, he got stuck on his sock, I yanked it off, he wanted to get it, I stuck in the drawer as bate, and he did it again.  

It was a very small, solo step.  Nonetheless, it was his first step.  Big deal.  


  1. I love the way he is reaching captured that perfectly!

  2. My niece just started walking and I smile big every time she takes a step.

  3. you made it longer than i did... i cried at 3 months because "he looks like a baby! he's not an infant anymore....." boo hoo hoo.

    burl's beautiful and secretly....they stay as wonderful as they get older...shhhhhh....

  4. Thanks for the love ladies! Since then, he has turned into one very active, moving, crawling guy!

  5. so cute! they get big before you even know it, right? walking is the cutest thing ever. fun!

  6. Love that he is rocking the one pant leg up Gangsta look... CUTE!


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