Thursday, February 17, 2011

Burl's First Picnic

With the weather this nice, there is no better way to eat lunch than outside on a picnic blanket.  By the river.  With John and Burl.  No shoes.  Blue Skies-and I mean blue.

The conditions were just perfect for a picnic.  Our city has done a great job developing the river front for gals like me to enjoy.  With John's work just a couple miles from a great park, things worked out perfectly for an hour of fun.

I think this was Burl's first time at a picnic.  The real kind.  Where we lay down a blanket outside and expect him to focus on food.  

With his meals always at the table, Burl was confused when we tried to feed him while he was playing.  

Water bottles.  Pedestrians passing by.  Grass.  Mom and Dad.  Not much time for eating.


To be honest, I could care less about what or how he was eating.  He was so fun to watch (and to photograph).  

One of my favorite pictures. Ever.

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