Friday, February 18, 2011

Burl's First Haircut

Burl's hair is Long, Thick, and Straight.  It gets in his eyes and is able to store a lot of food and stickiness.  

We went to a friend's house who cuts hair.  She's got a little room set up where she does her magic.  Armed with his favorite things, we went for it.

(He had no idea what was about to happen.)

Shoveling 864375 puffs in his mouth, we kept him somewhat calm.  I also let him chew on our Wii remote.  Sometimes, he ate puffs off of the Wii remote.  

We got through it.  Success.  

He still looks like a little baby, just without all the stringy, long hair falling in his face.  

The "during" pictures were great.  However, the only "after" picture that I got was pretty blurry.  If you want to see him rocking his new look, scroll down the the yogurt pictures.  

He loves it.  There's a little strut to his crawl now, and I think he dominated the nursery the next day.

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  1. He is just too cute! Love on him lots...they go up fast!!!!


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