Thursday, February 24, 2011


I've declared this week Needy Week.  I'm in need of some blog help.

Let me first start out by saying how much fun it is to be a part of the blog world.  My blog doesn't focus on one thing, but it has a sort-of them: stuff that I like.  I try really hard to let the posts come naturally-meaning, I try not to force anything, use a formula, or copy people.

Instead, I try to learn from blogs I enjoy.  I try to blog about things that interest me.  I try to write like I talk.  (Sometimes, I've written a post, read it, hated it, deleted it, and started all over, picturing a friend talking to me, and write from there.)  That's my game plan.  I'm not sure that I succeed, or even more, that's how it's suppose to be, but for me, that's how it goes.

One of the things I enjoy is the comments part of blogging.  The only problem is that I can't respond.  A couple of weeks ago, I set it up so that I was emailed every time someone commented.  Then, I RESPONDED to every comment, almost.  This week I realized that those oh so many emails I sent were all going to "noreply@blogger."  Bummer.  Can someone please help me out here?

How can I respond to comments???


  1. go the post and leave a comment in the comment section under your name. no special way, just like you were a visitor on your own blog. just enter your name and address the comments/?s

  2. I haven't figured out a way to reply via email. I just post a comment on my own post as a reply.

  3. I'd like to know the easy answer to this too. If you leave a comment on your own blog, the person you are commenting to would have to go back to that blog and read the comments again to know that you made a comment. Right?

  4. You may not be able to reply via email - when people comment they have a choice whether to provide an email or not. If they DO provide it, you should get that email address in your comment notice and can respond using that address. If you don't, you've got to reply by commenting on the comment as mentioned above.

  5. I use for my comments. If you go to the site, it is easy to register a new account and they even have a quick app to install it on blogger. I like it because I can respond via email and the responses go under the initial comment. You can also sync it with Blogger and import all your old comments into it so if you ever decided to remove Disqus, blogger will have all the comments. I think it is better at filtering out spam posts too.


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