Monday, February 21, 2011

Stuff For The Walls

How hard is it to find cute pictures, prints, paintings and other art to put on your walls?

For me, it's hard.  I'm not afraid of actually PUTTING things on the wall.  (If I need to change things, nail holes are easy to fill (for John).)  For me, the hard part is CHOOSING what to put on my walls.

I have four default things that I use:
1. Big mirrors.
2. My favorite pictures, enlarged, matted and framed.
3. Empty picture frames.
4. Old windows.

I'm stuck in a rut.  A rut of being creative.  I'm stuck in the space between AND

It's not a good place to be.  Sometimes the outcome is ugly.  I buy something from a big box decorating store that is cute, but not me.  Or, I leave it blank for a long time.

So, I need help.  Here are some rules:

Rules that I've heard:
1. No personal pictures in the main living room. Broke that rule.
2. Leave at least one wall blank. Broke that rule.

Rules for me:
1. Cheap
2. Unique
3. Cute
4. "me"  
5. No metal scroll-things.
6. I don't want it to look like "just stuff for the walls"

(All the pictures are pictures of spaces that I'm looking to change.)

Please, send me links.  Give me advice.  Tell me what rules to follow and what rules to break.  Please.  Any and all help is appreciated!


  1. I think you should break all the rule and expand your gallery wall. Make it big. Make it bold. Bust out all your favorite pictures.

  2. Anything that you love that can be hung could be an option. Doors, windows, plates, etc are all things that look good on walls even though that's not what they were made for. You could also get 1 or 2 big canvas's and have you son paint them for something artsy and original. Your house is so beautiful, I'm sure you will come up with something just right~

  3. Find a big frame, and frame a beautiful piece of fabric

  4. A large letter D would look good above the bed.... and then maybe above that table one of those vinyl words - scripture verse / quote type things. I've been wanting to get one with a verse on it for the girls playroom. You can find them on Etsy, or a friend on the Mtn. just got the machine to do them........ Isn't this what your aunt Margaret is for :)

  5. I think the D is a great idea! But also fabric framed is really cool. Of course, I want that, but don't have it. I am lazy. Your house is adorable and very grown up looking by the way.


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