Monday, January 23, 2012

The Evolution of Hammer

Other possible titles:
Hammer Time
Burl Gets Hammered
Hammer: Love at First Sight 

It all started with a wooden spoon.  Somewhere along the way, Burl was constantly asking for one of my wooden spoons.  By asking, I mean he would point and grunt until I got one for him-not needy, whiny grunts, polite he-can't-talk-so-he-grunts grunt.  There really is a difference.  He would carry the spoon around banging on stuff for as long as I would let him.  Eventually, one spoon was designated just for Burl.  This little game turned into love, and soon wooden spoon went with us everywhere.  We would leave the house, making sure we had keys, cell phone, wallet, and spoon.

Strangers would approach him and say, "oh, I like your spoon.  Are you going to cook something?"  He would look at them with a puzzled face that said, "cook?  As if."  Then, he would swing his spoon like he was banging something and let out a very boyish "ah-ah" which sounds like a close cousin to "bamm-bamm."  I would interject in a very calm, this-is-normal, kind of way and explain what it was.  "No, it's not a spoon.  It's his tool.  He's working on stuff."  Secretly, on the inside, I'm proud my son is into tools and I foster that little interest.  Burl is all boy-for more proof: see forehead scar.

Then, he was given a tool set with a beautiful plastic hammer that replaced spoon.  I'm not even sure where his spoon is.  Plastic hammer was replaced by another plastic hammer, then he was given a wooden mallet (which came with this that he got at Christmas-HUGE hit!).  

Hammer goes everywhere.  When we pull into to a parking lot or up to someone else's house, Burl starts his campaign to be able to take hammer with him.  It looks like this: he let's out that same "ah-ah."  He holds up hammer.  He points to the building.
"Do you want to take hammer?" YEAH.
"It's ok.  You can take hammer." BIG SMILE 
"No.  We can't take hammer in here." Major meltdown.

The only times that he sets it down voluntarily are the times that I've laid on the couch (because I wasn't feeling well or I was sleepy).  He lays hammer beside my head.  I know, I know, break my heart, he's so sweet.  The other time that he sets it down on his own terms is to hold or love on Fern.  The rule is NO TOOLS AROUND FERN.  He gets it too.

John was telling his coworker about all the hammers that Burl has loved, especially when John gets out the Block-of-Fun that he hammers nails into.  The coworker showed up with mini-hammer to give to Burl.  We wrapped it up as a present and gave it to Burl.  It was a smash!  Pun intended.

One day, when Burl gets married, I'll give him and his wife his baby box.  Instead of a stuffed animal and blankie, I'll pass on his hammer collection.


  1. so cute! he's such a boy. love it. although i think i would have voted for "burl gets hammered" for the title :)