Monday, January 30, 2012

The Stuff Of Weekends

During the week, I download pictures from camera pretty regularly.  It's second nature to me.  However, when the weekend comes, I like to let the pictures pile up and do a massive download Sunday night or Monday morning.  When I see some of the pictures I'm reminded of some of the fun things that we did.  That's right: reminded.  As in, I forgot.  Forgot what I did just the day before.  

I don't forget the big stuff.
I forget the small stuff.
The big stuff is great, but the small stuff.
I LOVE the small stuff.  

Here's my stuff from this weekend.  The Big Stuff and The Small Stuff:

Big Stuff: we got together, last minute with some friends for dinner.  Texts were sent all day to coordinate what we could scrounge up for dinner, what time the husbands could get off work, etc.  

 Little Stuff: John played "ride a little horsey" with two very excited toddlers.  Lots of giggles.  Lots of details, "put on your boots.  Put on your cowboy hat.  Take the reigns."  John's got mad skills when it comes to sounding like a horse.  Put that on the resume.  

Big Stuff: Burl absolutely loves playing outside.  It's not enough for him to take his play mower out there.  He wants John to start his mower as well, while Burl mows with him.  They mowed a lawn that didn't need mowing, just going in circles.  It was heaven for Burl. 

Small Stuff: Before they left to play outside, Burl was very intentional about what he needed to bring and what John needed to bring.  He doesn't speak clear words yet, but he still talks to us. He wanted to make sure that all his stuff was taken outside, along with all of John's stuff.  Both needed to take: hat, mower, drill, hammer, saw.  He has a specific sound and motion for each. I hope I can always remember those sounds.  That picture up there captures how intent he was on talking to John.  I remember John and I exchanging a look that said, "he is precious."

Big Stuff: I tagged along with John and Joseph on their rock climbing venture.  I think I'm about to drink the rock-climbing kool aid.  It sounds delicious.

Small Stuff: While I was there, I started a new book and took a lot of pictures.  Sometimes I get uncomfortable getting my camera out to take pictures.  It just feels weird and audacious.  Like, "look at me, I think I'm a professional photographer." I get in weird positions.  I photograph awkward things.  I feel like everyone is looking at me thinking, "oh, she thinks she's so cooool with her camera."  But, this weekend, I got my camera out to take pictures of the guys climbing. They voluntarily offered advice-where to stand for a good picture that wasn't just me on the ground pointing up.  It felt good.  They didn't think it was weird that I was taking pictures.  I'm just a girl who likes to take pictures.  And read books.  And go outside.  I'm getting to be ok with saying those things about myself.  

That was our weekend.  Those big things, that's what I would say if someone asked me what we did this weekend.  Went to a friend's for dinner, played outside, went climbing, etc.  But, the small stuff, that's the stuff that I want to remember.  That's the stuff that makes the big stuff cool.

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