Thursday, January 26, 2012


We walked out of Women's Bible Study and one block away there were three fire trucks.  Burl saw them.  His little buddy James saw them too.  James' mom and I took them down there to see the action-a front digger crashed into a pole.  Just like that, the worst part of one person's day became the highlight of Burl and James' day.  We stood and watched for a while.  I was loaded down with Fern strapped to me, a heavy purse with my bible study books and camera {luckily}, all while holding back a very excited Burl.  

We turned and started to walk back.  While I let Burl touch one of the trucks, the firemen approached us.  They asked if Burl would like to get in.  He gave a very enthusiastic "yeah" and I passed him off to one of the firemen.  It was a pretty big deal.

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  1. Burl is all boy. I love that my boys are interested in trucks & things like that too now. They have the biggest time watching the trash truck come around on Monday- they run to the window when they hear it coming.


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