Monday, January 30, 2012

This Week's Menu

I always get an email or text from my dad if my menu isn't posted on Sundays.  "Sweet girl, where's the menu?"  Sorry, Dad, Joseph was on the computer last night.

I'm excited about my menu this week because I'm going to try two new things.  I'm going to try to make my own seafood stock so I can try making shrimp bisque.  I'll be using the recipes for both from this post on Everyday Occasions.  That's where I got the picture-I love her pictures, especially when everything is photographed against that beautiful table!

Tilapia, buttered orzo, peas and carrots (b/c I never made it last week)
Rigatoni with red sauce, fresh bread

*inspired by a meal that my mom and I used to get in Atlanta.  Not as in, "hey, we're in Atlanta, let's go to the Prime."  More like, "hey, do you have a lot of homework tonight? Can you do it in the car while we drive to Atlanta? I'm craving that bisque at the Prime."  

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